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The Hard Truth About Calvinism and Islam

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

After spending 3 years of my elementary and middle school years at Westminster Christian Academy, 4 years in college attending Reformed University Fellowship, and the past 2 years of my own independent study, it has become clear to me that both Calvinism and Islam have the same beliefs. Many people on both sides have been deceived: deceived into dehumanizing each other; deceived into believing in predestination; deceived into believing that our works or good deeds have anything to do with our obtaining of eternal life. In this series, we will take a look at the doctrines taught in both religions, explaining how they have influenced the world we live in, and exposing them as heresy by comparing them to the truth of God's word. While much of the content covered in this series will offend many, it is my goal for it to lead the people from all faiths to faith in Jesus Christ alone.

The Five Points of Calvinism in Islam

Calvinism and Islam Compared: Total Depravity

Calvinism and Islam Compared: Unconditional Election

Calvinism and Islam Compared: Limited Atonement

Calvinism and Islam Compared: Irresistible Grace

Calvinism and Islam Compared: Perseverance of the Saints

Symbolism in Calvinism and Islam

Calvinism and Islam Compared: Tulip Symbolism

The Catholic Origins of Calvinism and Islam

Augustine's Influence on John Calvin and Reformed Theology

Augustine's Writings on Holy War

Augustine's Writings on Forced Conversion

Augustine's Writings on Total Depravity

Augustine's Writings on Unconditional Election

Augustine's Writings on Limited Atonement

Augustine's Writings on Irresistible Grace

Augustine's Writings on Perseverance of the Saints

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